Here’s what customers, vendors, and partners have said about D & Z Customs:

Randy – You probably don’t remember me, but I called you about a year ago when I was in the early stages of my Chevelle project. I found a Schwartz chassis from someone’s stalled project. I was in way over my head and I was getting more frustrated as I looked at all of the things I had to work through. The 66 Chevelle you built with a Schwartz chassis was part of the inspiration when I began this project, so I decided to call you on a whim. Even though you knew up front I was from Virginia and there likely wasn’t any business in it for D&Z, you still took the time to answer my questions. Though you probably don’t realize it, you helped me more that day than you’ll ever know.


We often complain about bad service but don’t take the time to thank people for good service or help. I just wanted to say thank you, the 30 minutes you took out of your day almost a year ago made a huge difference for me and my Chevelle, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your knowledge on the issues we discussed and your advice to take one thing at a time were immensely helpful. I hope to see you at an event in the Chevelle soon and thank you in person.  —Ryan Wright, VA.